Using Plotly within ElectronJS

Has anyone had success using Plotly.js wihin Electron to build desktop apps? Specifically, I am thinking of building some standalone GUI’s for lab instruments that will interact via serial. Are there any known limitations I should consider before embarking on this journey?

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You might want to look at - which uses Electron.

I have a very similar user-case, so I would love to find a solution about that @dhhagan. Thanks for the link @etienne!

Well, I’ve developed a standalone software using plotly with electron for my lab use and shared it with my collegues. It works perfectly and doesn’t have any problem.

Have you ever written about this? Or is the source open? Would be great to see how you accomplished this!

Can you explain your problem, I think I’m missing here something. My application is a preety small one and I just installed the common js plotly module to do my job