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Using plotly express and graph objects in same dash app?

Is there any performance issue with using both plotting libraries in the same dash app file? Would it affect speed or anything? I ask because I’m using go.Scattermapbox in one graph/map but the rest of my graphs would be easier with plotly express.

I started making my bar chart with but already running into the textangle not seeming to work for the axis labels, so I’d rather simplify by using express for the bar and other charts if it’s not a flag to use both.

Hi Kathryn :slight_smile:
It’s a pleasure to see you on the forum as well.

There should be no problem using Graph Objects and Plotly Express in the same app, and it should not effect speed, as far as I know, given that Plotly Express uses Graph Objects under the hood. But if I learn otherwise from my colleagues, I’ll update my answer here.


Thanks Adam! That’s makes sense since graph objects is running ‘under the hood’ anyway. :grinning:

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