Using Orca to export plotly plots to PDF files,

Hi there

Can we specify page size and page orientation (portrait or landscape) before exporting plotly files to pdf using plotly-Orca?

Hmm. I’m not sure I understand. Orca export plotly graphs as PDF “images” (i.e. with the same width / height as in plotly.js layout object), not as PDF “pages”.

Maybe you could tell us more about how you’re using orca?

Thanks Etienne

I aim to generate pdf’s from plotly graphics which can be later be combined and be sent to a printer

Specifically, the task that i am after is like printing over an existing paper form, targeting the location where the check boxes are.

From your response I noticed that playing with “width and height” in layout results in a desired shape of pdf. It would be a try and error until the target locations are matched