Orca vector graphics export size

I’m currently using plotly to create some figures for my reserach paper. To please the editors I need to get the font size of the figures correct, so I need to export the figure in the correct scale to start with and not rescale it afterwards. I managed by some trial end error to get the size at least somewhat correct, but none of the numbers makes any sense to me.

When I set the figure width to 330 and export as pdf the resulting figure (in Latex) is roughly 8.6 cm wide. If I insect the pdf (on mac os) it reports 251 px wide. If I export in a raster format 250 px wide I also get a figure of ~8.6 cm.

TLDR: exported pdfs with 330 as width behaves as 250 in width??

NB: What I really would like is to set the width in cm which is a more reasonable unit for vector graphics…

Hi @CarlAndersson,

These are good questions and I’m not sure off the top of my head. Could you open an issue at https://github.com/plotly/orca/issues so we can discuss with the orca team?


Sure thing!