Using brushed data from a Parrallel Coordiates Chart

Has anyone successfully extracted the constraintRange data from a parcoords chart so that it can be used in cross filtering? I would like to allow users to filter a table etc. by brushing coordinates (rather than resorting to Range Sliders)

I have seen some mentions of the issue including: [] and [Displey selected data in Parcoords] but have not seen a workaround that I, as a python user, can implement.

Any direction would be helpful. i.e. - is this a custom component I would have to write in javascript/React and then import? Can I somehow include a javascript file in the assets folder that would make the data available to a callback? etc. etc.

Hi, I have the same issue; any progress on this ? I don’t know exactly how to define the callback to retrieve the filters applied on a PC to use them for other widgets ?

Thanks in advance, Matthieu