Parallel coordinates and Datatable

Hi all, I am very happy to see the Dash community grow bigger and bigger! The flexibility of the framework allows to build very nice solution for data exploration.

I read many posts about parallel coordinates, to me this is a very powerful tool to visualise multidimensional datasets. I was struggling however to find a nice explanation on how to use Parallel Coordinate plot as interactive tool to filter a dataset. In other words, I would link the Parallel Coordinates to a DataTable and render the selected points in the table.

I think it is what the homepage of Dash shows in the introductory video

Could you point me to a nice tutorial for this issue?

Thank you in advance,

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Hi Dario, did you have any luck with this? Seem like there are no answers about this. It would be good to know if this is even possible to do with Plotly.

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