Using an updatemenu buttons with a Scattermapbox

I have two instances where I’m using the updatemenu functionality to get away from callbacks. I have one on a go.Scatter plot where I define 6 traces, make 3 invisible and use the updatemenu to change the visibility… i.e. ‘args’: {‘visible’:[True, True…]}. It works great.

I’m also trying to do the same thing with a Scattermapbox plot where I define 10 traces (which are just points on a map) and set one to be visible = False. I do the exact same functionality, but I lose the legend with the Scattermapbox when I, but I get it back when I go back to the default button. I see the hidden points on the map, just no legend.

Having a hard time determining if this is a Plotly bug, or something I’m doing wrong. Any advice or thoughts?

For the second time in a week, solved it minutes after posting. A really dumb mistake, but good to know moving forward… if there is only one trace, a legend isn’t generated. That was the issue.