Scattermapbox markers not showing

I created many scattermapbox maps in the past time and often I use visible='legendonly' to list some markers on the legend and show them if needed. This worked fine and when I select one marker in the legend it will show up.

Now I wanted to create a new map and with the same settings like the old maps I set visible='legendonly', problem is, the markers are not showing after clicking on them. To check things I opened my old notebooks with working code and created the old map again and now the markers also don’t show up there, the map created some weeks ago from the very same notebook still works. Really strange.

Could you help me what is wrong here? When I point the mouse over the map there is some hovertemplate visible, but no marker. Was there a change in Plotly that broke things?

Hi @Gobrel,

could you provide your code+data so I could try this on my machine?