User guide as one PDF


is there an easy way to auto-generate a one file PDF out of the user guide? i.e. and perhaps get a navigation in the online version? I think it is a bit annoying to click each time “Back to the Table of Contents”

thank you for the great R Shiny alternative Dash!


The user guide was designed to look pretty good on a print-preview. This isn’t automatic, but just using chrome’s print-to-pdf manually on each page gives pretty good result. There are a few more things that we could do to improve the page for print, if anyone would like to work on this, feel free to open an issue in GitHub - plotly/dash-docs: 📖 ISSUE TRACKER ONLY for The Official Dash Userguide & Documentation and I’ll offer some suggestions.



I’m trying to use the print-to-pdf feature in Chrome, but the result is a blank page.

Also, I found a PDF document on , but after the download, the margins of this document ends up chopping off the right side of the content.

Not sure if you guys could review this issues?

Best regards from Brazil,

I am trying to print the pdf files but the issue is that the file is not getting printed and I am being unable to have the print of the pdf files. It is showing Epson error code e-01 while trying to get the print.