Generating PDF from dash application

I wanted to ask if you know how I could generate a PDF report from Dash Application as in the example
Financial Report (actually template shows like it has this function but it didn’t work when I tried).
I don’t need to keep the archive as in this example (actually also would be great) but at least how could I let the user to export the page of the multipage application or whole application as pdf?
Thank you in advance!

Are you on Dash Enterprise or Dash Open Source?

Open Source, I know the template was created on Dash Enterprise,
but I mean is there a possibility to export at least in a simpler form not as sophisticated?

You should be able to print to pdf.

There is some pretty cool css tricks that you can apply under @media print queries.

You can force it to be landscape, portrait, add headers and footers, etc.

You can then add a button to your layout that will print one page… or iterate through your multiple pages and print each one.