Use AI to Add Annotations

FOMC Policies are closely watched by everyone. Rather than manually adding each fed policy event to the graph, is there a possibility to automatically annotate all FOMC Decisions in plotly?

I am familiar with Annotations but I am currently adding them manually. Here is an example:

fig.add_vrect(x0="2020-03-03", x1="2020-03-25", 
  annotation_text="FOMC lowers FFTR<br>by 0.5 % to 1.25%", annotation_position="bottom left",  
  fillcolor="yellow", opacity=0.25, line_width=0)

Hey @vivek22,

could you add some information? How would you use the AI? Accessing an api?

In simple terms I want AI to create an excel table containing Summary of FOMC Decision or other important events

Iā€™m actually not sure, if the plotly dash forum is the best place to ask for help concerning this topic. You might get an answer, but your question is more directed towards AI than to dash or plotly.