USA-states incorrectly mapped to foreign regions in high resolution choropleth

I’ve been working on a choropleth and things had been going fine at 110 resolution, but I decided to switch to 50 and things got weird. The problem I’m seeing is that I’m providing a list of ‘USA-states’ and it’s deciding to map some of them to similarly named world states, e.g. WA (Washington) is mapped on Western Australia and PA (Pennsylvania) is mapped on Pará, Brazil. This problem does not occur at all at the lower 110 resolution.

Here’s a link to a simplified example. The project also includes a table of country data, but the issue persists even when I’m only sending the USA-states dictionary. I’m thinking this is a glitch, since I didn’t even realize you could map onto regions/states in non-USA countries.

I’d actually like to take advantage of that feature, but I can only get it to happen through this glitch, not through choice. I’ve tried various other formats like WA, AUS or AUS-WA and both USA-states and countries formats. The only thing that causes Western Australia to be mapped (although I’d prefer it didn’t since I specified USA-states) is putting “WA” and “USA-states” and resolution=50.

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