URL: https://plot.ly/dash/ returns 502 server error

I’m not sure where else to post this. Hopefully whoever is in charge of the site can fix this. I’m not sure how important that page is to learning Dash but it seems important.

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Experiencing problems here as well. I usually get “Error loading layout”, but got 502 once as well.

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Thanks for reporting, taking a look at it now.

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I get other various errors as well. Sometimes it initially say ‘Loading…’ and sometimes it’ll load the background image a few moments later but then after a little bit it’ll say

  • Error loading layout
  • Error loading dependencies
  • And then just a few minutes ago I refreshed and I saw code which looked like a plain JSON file.

Also https://plot.ly/dash/support is having the same behavior.

I’m also in the southern US, so I’m not sure if it’s a regional problem, if that helps.

Is there a better place to report problems like this in the future? Maybe https://support.plot.ly/ ?

I’m not a customer. I was just going to use the free version to mess around with and make personal projects or open source projects.

This forum is the best place to report these types of Dash questions.

I’m still working on getting this resolved, but in the meantime I recommend cloning the documentation repo and running it locally. Instructions on how to do this are here: GitHub - plotly/dash-docs: ISSUE TRACKER ONLY for The Official Dash Userguide & Documentation https://dash.plotly.com/

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Ok cool. It seems to be working again, so great job. I was thinking there would probably be some local documentation in the repo, but I just didn’t go looking for it yet. Thanks for making such an innovative and beautiful product. I was afraid I’d have to enter the 9 circles of hell that is the Javascript ecosystem to do browser UI with python.


I think that we finally got to the root of it (rerouting api requests through different proxy servers). If you see this issue again, please let us know!