Need a little guidance on "Error loading layout"

Hi all. I have started getting “Error loading layout”, but it only happens intermittently (like maybe 30% of the time) when I’ve modified one of the files and the server has restarted itself. A browser refresh/reload always makes it go away. I assume there’s something sticking around that I need to nuke or reset or something, that I’m not doing. Any ideas? Has anyone had an intermittent error like this before? I’m just looking for guidance on what things to think about that might cause this. Thanks.

Hello @graymalk,

It’s rather difficult to try to help without any code.

If you go into debug mode, you may be able to pull out some information. Or look in your browser’s developer console for some clues.

Hi @graymalk,

try checking your python console for error logs, that might give you some insight; you can share it here for help.