Url_for in dash app instance


is it possible to make a url_for call from my flask app to my dash app pages or do I have to to navigate by redirect only? I printed the url_map but I cannot see my dash pages there.

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What are you looking to do?

python - How do I pass through the “next” URL with Flask and Flask-login? - Stack Overflow

I want to do it like in the solution.


As far as I understand how Pages is setup, there isnt an actual page that gets created at that location in the flask app, this is all handled by Dash.

If you are using Flask, you can redirect to pages location, but you will need to know what it was.

Are you looking at using Flask-Login and redirecting after logging in?

Yes, I used another solution to achieve the required result.

Ok, because I have something similar presented here:

In this I provided a way to login with Flask and then pass the user to the dash app, and then the logout goes back to regular Flask.

Other things to watch out for are making sure that Dash cant render unless the user is logged in.