Uploaded file does not run on multipage app

I am developing a carbon emission app for my office project. As I am new to Dash, my multipage app is giving me errors. First, I have two excel files. One is backend file carrying emission factors for all variables and sheets. The second file is frontend multisheet excel file uploaded by the users on page ‘Data’. I have integrated both files to calculate carbon emission. Once it is calculated, I want to save the results and file as a hidden variable and run on second page ‘Report’ and its sub-pages, but it does not run on second page.
Second, another issue is with upload, as soon as I move from one page to another, data disappears and it requires to upload again on page ‘Data’.
Third, despite the app icon present in assets folder, it does not appear on the dashboard. Could anyone please guide me for resolving these issues?

Hi @Sids

See an example of sharing data between pages of a multi page app in example #11 here:

If you save the uploaded data in a dcc.Store component it should work.

Can you say more about the third issue? Making a minimal example to demonstrate the issue would help.

Hi @Sids, as I mentioned here, could you please try to provide a MRE?

I have the feeling you are searching for explicit answers, which is perfectly fine. It’s just really difficult to help you with the generic information you provide. :raised_hands: