How to merge background file with the callback uploaded file

Hi, I am working on my first Dash app for my job. I am required to create an app for clients where clients can upload their file and the background script calculates their emission footprint and draws graphs for them. However, I am required to upload one file in the background that compares my firm’s data with client’s data and provides calculation. I am encountering errors in running this script as it does not read client’s file and does not display any graph. Any idea how can I do this?

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Could you add some more information? How do you upload the file, or multiple files? How do you store it? How exactly are your callbacks set up?

You question is too generic right now to help you :upside_down_face:

I have one data file that I ran outside the call as it will always run in the background. I have saved it as a global variable to use it as input in the callback when the client upload their data file so my file will run along with their to calculate values and create a dashboard. I am encountering error when I upload the testing file for clients. It gives me Type Error: list indices must be integers or slices not str. I have uploaded a part of my script. Any solution how to run the app smoothly?
Thank you.

Hi, I am creating a carbon emission app for my company. I have two multisheet excels file. One is a global datafile and the other is a local multisheet file uploaded by our clients. How shall I merge these files for each sheet for measurement of carbon emission?

Could you please provide a MRE? Otherwise it’ll be difficult to help you.