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Updating HTML code and refreshing pages

(This question comes from the question that I posed on stackoverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49786647/gunicorn-reload-dont-reload-everything)

When I update the HTML code inside the Dash application I’d like to just refresh my browser to see the updates (since I believe its just a HTTP get that’s being called to generate the HTML). I’m not seeing the updates and found I had to restart the entire web server. I’m using gunicorn’s reload function which restarts all of the worker threads. But this includes a time consuming dbase load function at the front-edge of my web app.

I want to develop a faster workflow to develop my web pages, without having to restart the webserver and without having to reload the dbase, each time I update some HTML tags.

Any suggestions?

I’m using nginx, gunicorn, Flask, and Dash. The gunicorn application calls the Flask server to run.