My web app doesnt update in my browser when i make any changes to the code

Hello, I am relatively new to web development and even newer to dash, so forgive me if this question seems simple.

I had been messing around with some different code and dcc components, copy pasting them into my file and refreshing my local browser to see what they changes look like on my web app, but now it appears that its stuck on the same thing, regardless of what i do in the file. I tried copying the introduction code given in the tutorial, (as well as a bunch of different projects or even snippets of drop downs or graphs or such) and when i run the file everything seems to be running properly, but when i refresh my browser nothing changes.

I am using Spyder as my IDE and when i run it this is what i get, but the page itself is still stuck on some old code. It was working fine for a while until it suddenly stopped. I even went as far as deleting most of the other example files i had and still no luck.

I would appreciate any help, maybe i am missing something


I think you need to check if any old code or .py file is working on the same port or not. From my understanding, this might be because the port β€˜8050’ is same for all the old examples you might have used and hence they might be running on .

Try if name==β€˜main’:
app.run_server(port=8000, debug=True)
Changing the port should work.

Hope it helps! :slight_smile: