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Updating a reversed Y axis


I’m trying to update a graph which has its y axis reversed. I’m having some difficulties in updating the graph while maintaining its axis reversed.

Is it necessary for me to reverse the y axis range myself to accomplish this? Or is Plotly meant to “just know” that I want these values reversed, when I tell it autorange:'reversed' ? It seems to work fine when the graph first loads, so I’m a little confused.

Here’s a pen.


Here’s a working version:

Hi etienne,

Thanks for responding as always! I appreciate you taking the time to help me solve these small problems I have :hugs:

I tried your pen, but it appears to show exactly the same problem I’m having? My apologies, I do have problems trying to explain things. Please allow me to try again.

Orginal (y axis is reversed):

Expected (y axis remains reversed):

Actual (your pen. y axis is flipped) :

I’m not sure where I’m going wrong here. Is it only being flipped for me?