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Update DataTable, store information in the Database and reload layout with new data

Hey guys,
I’m currently building my first dash app which also features user managment.
Now I also want to integrate the possibility to amend user information which is shown in a datatable on the admin page. With the following code I already managed to update the database as soon as the table is altered, however, once i leave the admin page and go back to it the table doesn’t fetch the updated database data but instead the old data before the change. Is there a way to get the layout to reload the data from the database once it’s been updated?

def UpdateAdminRights(app):
        Output('users', 'data'),
        [Input('users', 'data_timestamp')],
        [State('users', 'data')])
    def display_output(timestamp, df):
        old = show_users() #connects to the DB and fetches information
        changed_user = [change for user, change in zip(old,df) if user != change]
        if changed_user:
            username = changed_user[0]['username']
            email = changed_user[0]['email']
            admin = 1 if changed_user[0]['admin'] == "True" else 0
            update_user(username, email, admin) #connects to the DB and updates information
        return df

It’s triggered as soon as this table is altered:

                html.H3('View Users'),
                            columns = [{'name' : 'ID', 'id' : 'id'},
                                        {'name' : 'Username', 'id' : 'username'},
                                        {'name' : 'Email', 'id' : 'email'},
                                        {'name' : 'Admin', 'id' : 'admin'}],
                            editable = True,
                    ], md=12, className = 'twelve columns'),
            ], className='pretty_container')