Updating dash table without hot reload

I have a dash app with a plotly graph and a dash table from the same pandas dataframe.
I want to update the date from a site with no api, so I created a chrome extension to retrieve the link where to download the new data, and send it to the app with a POST request. When the POST request is received, the dataframe is updated with the new data and I redirect my app to the normal route.
This works fine since my plot is correctly updated.
But my dash_table does not show the new data, even after refreshing from the browser.

For now, the only thing that works is to either relaunch the app or resave the file so that it hot reload the page.

Anyone having an idea how to this properly ?

Is this related to the use of Chrome? I have seen something similar that resolves briefly if I clear the data caches but it comes back for some users after a relatively short period.

I do not know, I use Vivaldi, but I can try with other browsers.