Unique links for individual datapoints in graph

I am looking for an alternative to using Google Graphs but I am having issues with 1 feature no one seems to support.

We currently generate some data and throw it in a CSV then create stacked bar charts. So heres an example of the data:
Day, Category, Count
1, A, 10
1, B, 14
1, C, 20
2, A, 12
2, B, 10
2, C, 20

So the graph would be a stacked bar chart of count (Y Axis) and Day (X Axis) stacked by category.

In our current google graphs we have each part of the stack can be clicked and generate a link and we have a config file that helps the flow create the link but its based on the date. So each entry would need to look at the date to be able to create its link. A lot of tools are able to create the static link from the config but I cant find a tool that lets you generate dynamic links based on the information in the table the graph is created on.

Is this something I am able to do in plotly?