Is unique html link generation per datapoint on graphs possible?

I have CSV’s of data that are currently graphed in javascript but I want to move away from javascript. One major requirement is that each datapoint on the graph be able to generate a unique HTML redirect to an internal website. So theres a CSV for the data, and a config that helps generate part of the information to make these generic.

CSV Example:
Date, Total Sims, Pass, Fail
08-31-2020, 100, 10, 90
08-30-2020, 100, 20, 80
08-29-2020, 100, 30, 70

Config entry:
Team: Yellow
Project: Banana
Type: Fruit

Lets say it generates a 2 axis stacked bar chart of Pass/Fail with a line of sim counts. For the 3 datapoints you would generate links like: (obviously this is a gibberish example)“Team”/“Project”/“Type”/Date=“Date”

Is this possible in Plotly?

Anyone know? I just want to know if its possible before I start creating this.