Uncaught (in promise) undefined

Hi there! I’m building some animated graphs with Plotly.js and custom buttons. Really I’m not having any problem but I’m getting the next error when I pause the animation:

plotly-2.32.0.min.js:8 Uncaught (in promise) undefined

And the steps:

Source @ Script file
(anonymous) @ plotly-2.32.0.min.js:8
(anonymous) @ plotly-2.32.0.min.js:8
e.animate @ plotly-2.32.0.min.js:8
pause @ animate.js:42
onclick @ index.html:25

I had a similar error with a slider and I solve it by adding then → catch ; but here it didn’t work
I don’t know if it’s a bug or what.

I supply part of the code:

Buttons (simple html buttons with onclick() attribute):

function play() {
    if (!isAnimating) {
        Plotly.animate(graph, null, frameConfig(true));
        isAnimating = true;

function pause() {
    if (isAnimating) {
        Plotly.animate(graph, [], {mode: 'immediate'});
        isAnimating = false;

Slider (same as buttons, html input):

slider.addEventListener('input', function() {
        // Pause the animation if it is running
        if (isAnimating) {
            // Set a timeout to resume the animation after a pause in slider input
            setTimeout(() => {
            }, 500);
        // Update the time output
        timeOutput.textContent = processedData2.T[this.value].toFixed(2);
        // Update the position of the cars
        cars = 'frame' + this.value;
        Plotly.animate(graph, [cars, cars], frameConfig(false))
            .then(() => {
                // Animation update logic here (if needed)
            .catch(() => {
                // Error handling here (if needed)
        // Update the table