Unable to display finished html file in multipagedash application

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is fine, I came across a certain problem a long time ago and still can’t solve it, when I try to display a static html file in a multi-page application, I see an incomprehensible thing, I don’t notice such a problem in a single-page application

you can run and see this issue from the following link Source Code

I opened a similar problem before but no one helped, please take this error seriously and help to fix this problem

hi @Sohibjon
what should the error page look like? Just a “404 - Page not found”?


Be sure to include the initial “/” in the src:

html.Iframe( src="/assets/evidently_tests_report.html")

also, be sure to include __name__ in the first attribute of app constructor to ensure that files in the assets folder are loaded correctly.

app = dash.Dash(__name__, .....)

You just saved me, “/” in the src solved the problem

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