TypeError: an integer is required (got type NoneType) when running Jupyter Dash


I just upgrade dash to 2.13 then I got a lot of issues with my Jupyter Dash. Everything was working fine.

For example, usually I use app.run_server() like this, now I got this error of TypeError: an integer is required (got type NoneType) . What is that? how to solve it? Thanks

if __name__ == "__main__":

TypeError                                 Traceback (most recent call last)
C:\Temp\1/ipykernel_832/3089333711.py in <module>
      1 if __name__ == "__main__":
----> 2     app.run_server(mode='external',debug=True,port=8060)

c:\Anaconda\envs\dash\lib\site-packages\jupyter_dash\jupyter_app.py in run_server(self, mode, width, height, inline_exceptions, **kwargs)
    220         old_server = self._server_threads.get((host, port))
    221         if old_server:
--> 222             old_server.kill()
    223             old_server.join()
    224             del self._server_threads[(host, port)]

c:\Anaconda\envs\dash\lib\site-packages\jupyter_dash\_stoppable_thread.py in kill(self)
     14         thread_id = self.get_id()
     15         res = ctypes.pythonapi.PyThreadState_SetAsyncExc(
---> 16             ctypes.c_long(thread_id), ctypes.py_object(SystemExit)
     17         )
     18         if res == 0:

TypeError: an integer is required (got type NoneType)