Triggering viratualRowData

As inputs of my large callback I use dropdowns and viratualRowData.

Typically, I select options form multi-option dropdowns which creates a fig. Then I further filter the data inside the grid which works nice. However, if I then delete one of the options in multioption dropdown, the ag-grid table would update (show only relevant rows) while plot (df that viratualRowData creates) won’t update.

With other words, only interacting with table triggers viratualRowData while interacting with dropdowns that also influence grid won’t trigger viratualRowData.

Is this intended functionality? Is there a way I could filter the row Data also with my dropdowns that would update virtualRowData?

    #filter with virtualRowData and show fig
    if len(rows) < 1:

        fig = px.line(df, x='Time_point', y='Value', template=template)

        dff = pd.DataFrame(rows)
        dff = pd.melt(dff, id_vars=static_cols, var_name='Time_point', value_name='Value')

        fig = px.line(dff, x='Time_point', y='Value', template=template)

Hello @mich2210,

No, this was not the intended functionality. In the next update, we have fixed the virtualRowData and the rowData along with performing edits.

Version a4 will have this functionality and will be available very soon.

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