Trigger callbacks from outside dash

I am interested in implementing the following behavior:
I’ve developed a dash app and would like to trigger dash callbacks from outside the application.
We are working with the Angular framework and would like to trigger a callback function from Angular to Dash. For example by clicking a button in the Angular web it triggers a change in the Dash app by using a Dash callback function.
What I was able to do so far is to trigger a callback from outside using the dcc.Location search option but it refreshes the entire Dash app. I would like only to only update a given component as for a normal dash callback behavior.

Thank you in advance!


Hi, has anyone been able to find a solution to this issue?

can you please share github repo of this ? it would be really appreciated!

You would need some mechanism to propaganda the update to the Dash app. It could be an Interval component, or a WebSocket or SSE component for real-time updates