Trigger calculation from dtatable header

Hi Dash Community:

In the datatable, we can use “active_cell” to trigger callback and calculation. can we do that on the table header? Thanks!

Hello @entropy_l,

Could you expound on this please?

Please give some examples of the interaction that you are seeking.

Thank you @jinnyzor So I am trying to achieve this:
Suppose we are at excel as below, row_0 to row_3 depends on the row highlighted in yellow. If the value in the yellow row changes, the calculation is row_0 to row_3 are triggered.
This is easily achievable in the main body of dash’s datatable - we just need to have calculation of the table depends on the active_cell of the table.
However, it is also natural for user to insert the value in the table header ( as in the yellow row in excel ). Hence, am wondering if there is a way to have an “active_cell” of table header and have the calculation of the table itself triggered when people insert a value in the table header. Thanks

Hmmm, that doesnt really seem to be like a header of a table. The header in the above picture would be classified as “C”.

If I understand, you are wanting to take the header into the formula? You should be able to do this on the python side before it goes to the rowData

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