Treemap - Tiles with low values are Omitted

Hello Everyone,
I am experiencing a strange behavior with the go treemap. It seems that sometimes the tiles for records with small values do not draw. For example in the df below, the two highlighted records with a “samplecount” field of 5 and 1 are completely ignored when rendering the treemap below.


In some other cases ,when the data frame has more records, all the records are honored regardless of the “samplecount”
field value.

Please take a look at the table and treemap below. For this table the treemap works as expected.


I cant really spot any differences between the two dataframes and not sure why treemap behaves differently and omits the tiles with low values in the first chart above. Can anyone explain this behavior ? The go treemap code is below

fig8 = go.Figure(go.Treemap(
parents = df.PARENT,
values = df.SAMPLECOUNT,
Count: %{value}
textinfo = “label+value+percent parent”

fig8.update_layout(margin = dict(t=50, l=25, r=25, b=25))

Thank you!