Touch Screen Support of 3D Scatter

Hello all,

I have plotted 3D scatter by the Javascript version of Plotly to visualize my data. However, visitors are not able to use the 3D scatter appropriately on their mobile phones or tablets while it works normally on the 2D version. Somehow, I need to catch “clicks” on touch screens. I have been readings topics for a while and I could not find something reasonable yet. Do I miss something? Is there any way to realize it? I’m simply open to any suggestions. Thank you in advance.


Hi @Kayle, are you speaking about multi-finger touch events (such as pinch to zoom etc)? I took a look at the examples of on my Android smartphone, and dragging to rotate (one-finger interaction) works well, but two-finger interactions (zooming etc) don’t.

Hi @Emmanuelle, thank you for your interest & answer. Yes, I was talking about multi-finger touching as well as some other events such as clicking (single-finger) or hovering. While I’m able to click/hover to nodes to see their titles/names with my cursor for instance, it’s not possible when it comes to the touch screens. I actually want to redirect the user to another page where more detailed information is given upon they click to any particular node shown on the 3D scatter. One may check the URL given below to see what I mean more clearly, thank you.

Thanks for reporting.
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