3D Scatter Plot Interactive Touch Settings


I’m new to plotly and right now I have a python script creating a scatter plot on a website that has interactive pan, zoom and rotate features. I want to be able to manipulate this plot the same way on an iPad using touch settings, but right now the only way to change the view when viewing the plot on the webpage via iPad is by furiously double tapping. I saw that there were several other concerns raised about this, and I also saw some example code on GitHub that should fix the issue. However, I’m unclear as to how to implement this code in order to improve the functionality of my plot on a mobile device. Thanks in advance for any help.


Subscribe to https://github.com/plotly/plotly.js/pull/1424 for more info

Thanks for the quick reply. I saw this repository but am unsure how to implement the js code from here into my plot. Are there any step-by-step demonstrations that I could follow?

I still haven’t made any progress with regards to implementing the touch settings. Here is the url to my plot: https://plot.ly/~noahj96/25.embed

I have the plotly js library downloaded from the Plotly getting started page. What would be the next step? Thanks again.

Oops, my comment got cropped out. What I wanted to say is there’s no easy way to do that at the moment, but we’re currently working on a solution. Sorry for the inconvenience.