Toolbox feature for Dash

Hello everyone,

During my project, I have been working with dash_draggable and found it to be a nice feature. It was not really maintained, so I started to work on it and added a new feature as well, the toolbox.

The package will provide the draggable functionality, with resizing and saving it in the local storage. Additionally, you can move the content into the toolbox and keep the main grid free for the other content. Via drag and drop, you can retrieve any toolbox item back to the grid.


My current code is not yet a package and not close to being released. :smiley: But I wanted to ask for some help from some community members who want to look a bit into the React code. I am not an expert in React. I updated the code by from Mehdi E (GitHub - MehdiChelh/dash-draggable: Dash components for building draggable and resizable grid layouts. Based on the well-known STRML/react-grid-layout.) got things working, but I assume it is not very clean. :smiley:
My goal is to craft it into a package which, hopefully, is useful for others as well. There is already a small and I started to work on some documentation.
Here is the link to the repo: GitHub - Simon-U/dash_drag_grid: A Grid with resizable children for Dash including a Toolbox.

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Great initiative. Thank you @simon-u .
I’m not sure how many Dash community members know React, but I’m glad you posted this initiative here. I would also recommend you make this post on the LinkedIn Plotly Dash user group. I’m sure there are some React developers there.

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