Drag and drop functionalities

Hi there:

The dash is amazing, thanks for the work!

Have searched the drag and drop functionality from dash for sometime:

  • could we have a drag and drop function on the layout? meaning, the user can move and organize the tables/graphs in the way the prefer? I noticed that there is a dash-draggable git repository, played around with it, very nice work but seems that some development is needed so as the items can still be aligned in the organized way after dragging it freely? Similar functionality can be found in the dash-pivottable as well.

  • for the dash datatable, noticed that there is a thread but can we have the ability to drag and drop the rows and columns?
    Plotly’s table can do the drag for columns, not sure if it works for rows.

  • Can we have a dropzone ( similar to the drag and drop for upload which is available in dash right now ), so that we can drag and drop the button boxes, which are then used as inputs in the callback?

Think most of the work probably is easier with knowledge of Javascript, unfortunately i just started it yesterday. As an estimate, how would you think the amount of time needed to implement from JS? is it a month or half-year work? Thanks so much and again dash is really cool.

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Refreshing this question.
Could we find an example for react dnd for Dash plotly? Thank you.
Btw I find this video extremely clear and helpful.