Too many retries error while loading css file


Actually i have the problem that when i start the dash server locally and first time open the dash app, i get the error related to loading the css file:


I understand that it is like not much info, but i totally don’t understand what could lead to this issue, except the css size can be big, but 7.5 kb doesn’t seems like big size and when i reload the page it loads sucessfully:

So i will try to provide any additional info which i can.

If it is because other requests take time as well due to javascript async nature, then how i can increase the timeout? I didn’t find proper info over internet

Hi @Vladner
How are you loading the .css file? Is it in your /assets folder?

Hi @AnnMarieW,
yes, in the root of assets folder

Well, I doubt the file size is the issue, but there is not enough information here to help. Could you make a minimal example in GitHub?