Title not displaying

I am trying to create a notebook to display charts of stock prices but I am having trouble displaying titles for the charts. Please see the notebook here (you can open it in Colab to see the issue):

The charts are getting displayed, but the title comes up as [object Object]. Is this related to the changes in Plotly 3.5?

Hi @meetnaren,

I think the problem is with this line plotly: 'https://cdn.plot.ly/plotly-1.5.1.min.js?noext',. This points to a very old version of plotly.js. Are you doing this because you’re working in some non-standard jupyter environment?

In any case, try setting the plotly url version to 1.43.1 (this is the version that plotly.py 3.5.0 ships with).

Hope that helps!

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