Timeseries refusing to show data on graph

I have been struggling with this one point in my school project for a couple of days now. When I go to enter the x-values and y-values into the “line” variable, i do so however nothing is displayed on the graph. I have already tested all my functions to ensure that they work and are working properly, so I know that they are not the problem. I am getting my values from an api, here is the url:

When i manually type in values for the x and y (such as x:[1,2,3] y:[4,5,6]) the graph displays a line but not with my actual arrays. I have checked that I am actually getting the api and needed values from the api and I am. I just have no clue why the graph is not displaying any information. I am able to use another visualization perfectly fine (pie chart) but this timeseries seems to be the bane of me. I appreciate all and any help.

pics for reference:

edit1: I did try using a smaller total number of values and still even then im not getting any response. originally i was using approx. 1300 values and even when i stooped down to ~200 nothing changed.

edit2/UPDATE: I was able to get it to work!!! Instead of creating the arrays of x and y values in my js files, i had to create it in my python files and then parse over the pre-made arrays to be used.