Time-line graph


Is it possible to animate a graph to which several plotly scatterplot have been graphed, by timestamp such as in the plotly express examples, but with the “standard” plotly?

Not plotly express.

Thanks !

Hi @matt784, the example https://plot.ly/python/animations/#using-a-slider-and-buttons uses graph_objects and not plotly.express. Are you sure you cannot use px?


Thanks for your answer, I didn’t see that page. That seems like what I need, thanks!

As for plotly.express, I’d use it but couldnt find how to combine lines and density plots using it.

Hi @matt784,
Could you please give more details on your traces? What is their type? Scatter, density plots etc Are they drawn in the sane plot window or in subplots? Which of them are animated and which are fixed during the animation? If I know what you really want I can create and post here a detailed example in plotly.py with an explanation for each step.

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