Tilting the dimensions in parallel coordinates


I’m using plot_ly to build a parallel coordinate map for my data. I’m using type as parcoords in the function. My output contains all the dimensions name in a horizontal axis. Is there any way to tilt those dimensions in the function?

For example, consider the following:


df <- read.csv(“https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bcdunbar/datasets/master/iris.csv”)

p <- df %>%
plot_ly(type = ‘parcoords’,
line = list(color = ~species_id,
colorscale = list(c(0,‘red’),c(0.5,‘green’),c(1,‘blue’))),
dimensions = list(
list(range = c(2,4.5),
label = ‘Sepal Width’, values = ~sepal_width),
list(range = c(4,8),
constraintrange = c(5,6),
label = ‘Sepal Length’, values = ~sepal_length),
list(range = c(0,2.5),
label = ‘Petal Width’, values = ~petal_width),
list(range = c(1,7),
label = ‘Petal Length’, values = ~petal_length)

Create a shareable link to your chart

Set up API credentials: https://plot.ly/r/getting-started

chart_link = api_create(p, filename=“parcoords-basic”)

I need to obtain the dimension names like “Sepal Width”, “Sepal Length”, etc. at an angle of 45 degrees from the horizontal axis.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.