How to Rotate Dimension Labels in Parallel Categories

Is it possible to rotate the labels of the Dimensions on upper x-axis of the plot? I have long labels which otherwise overlap!

I tried to rotate using:


Bit it doesn’t seem to be the xaxis labels.

Hi @mmoss, welcome to the forum! Hmm, there does not seem to be a way do change the properties of dimensions labels, unfortunately. Feel free to open an issue on to bring this to the attention of the development team. One workaround which I can suggest is to use shorter names for the categories, for example with px.parallel_categories you can use the labels parameter for this as in

Thanks. Yeah, I was afraid of that. Thanks for the pointer to the labels parameter. My workaround was to shorten it on the data-level already, so this is better, I suppose. Also, I increased the width of the plot to make it look properly. For now, that is okay.

Thank you!