Ticks away from the borders when height is large

Dear plotly.js,
Hello! I find if the plot height is very large, then there is a white region between the top line and first tick (same for the bottom):

This is a test example:

I wonder is there any way to remove the white region and bring the ticks closer to the borders? Thank you!

Here’s how: https://codepen.io/etpinard/pen/PJQpPg?editors=0010

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Wow, that’s very easy fix and works great, thank you @etienne!

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Dear @etienne,
The solution you posted works very well when I got a lot of levels, but if I have less levels, the ticks on the y axis will not be centered:


If I remove the “range”, it will be centered. I wonder how can I make it centered and avoid the white region issue at the same time? Thank you!

Using some other scale factor than 0.1 should do the trick.

You can also subscribe to Axis auto-range improvements · Issue #1876 · plotly/plotly.js · GitHub for the latest development info.

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