Large white space between xaxis and xticks

Hi all,

I’ve been very impressed with the high functionality in plotly, however i’ve encountered the problem shown below using barcharts where there is a large whitespace between the xticks and the x axis.

Having done some playing around with the graphs it seems to result from having one bar which is quite close to zero, along with having error bars. Removing either prevents the issue.

I think this is then becuase adding the error bars causes plotly to extend the y range to below zero. Therefore i would like to be able to set a ymin to fix this, however currently I have been unable to set a ymin without setting a ymax as well by using range. Is there any way to set just a y min, as then i could fix this problem easily?



Hi @henry.k.turner,

Hmm, your top example there does look like a bug. Could you reproduce it with one or two bars and report it at with the Plotly.js project at

It’s not currently possible to set only the min or max axis range to an arbitrary value (See discussion in But if you want to force the min to be zero, then you can set the layout.yaxis.rangemode property to 'tozero'. I don’t know if that would make any difference in this case since the axis appears to start at zero already, but it’s worth a try.


Hi @jmmease,

Thanks for the help, i’ve made a reproducible examples which I’ll add now.