Texture Mapped VTK objects

Hi all,

I have been messing around with Dash VTK. I have been trying to figure out how to map images onto models. Does anyone have any examples of this in dash? I was able to do this in plain vtk but then I don’t think there’s a way to import a regular vtk actor into dash vtk.

Just looking to learn more about Dash VTK so any information or examples are appreciated.

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I posted a very similar question some days before yours here. So far I still did not have any success with my texture.

According to this demo example vtk-js actors seem to have an actor.addTexture(texture) method, that works like vtk’s actor.SetTexture(). The vtk-js Actor reference page does not mention it however.

Some properties of the vtk-js actors are exposed through the dash_vtk.GeometryRepresentation's actor, mapper and propertyattributes but these seem to only be the default values of vtk-js actors, mappers and property.

I am now also investigating saving the regular vtk actor/scene to a file that preserves texture and importing back to the dash_vtk scene to circumvent this issue but so far no success.

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