Plot RGB image-video with VTK


I am trying to make a video renderer in my Dash application using the VTK component library (I am open to suggestions if a better alternative to VTK exists).
Specifically, I am trying to have a video player that can play 2D videos (multiple sequantial images in RGB format) while also providing the user with some controls over the video playback (play/pause/forward/backward/set frames per second/set contract/set brightness, etc, to name a few), maybe through mouse actions (preferable) or a sidebar menu.
Also, I should be able, at a later time, to add anotations to the video (frame-per-frame or any other way).
I’ve been looking into the VTK component library and, so far, I have not found a way to deploy what I am attempting.
On the other hand, I see multiple projects in the Dash Community Gallery that somewhat resemble what I am after.

Perhaps it would be better to design a custom video player on my own?