Territoria: interactive map that helps women walk around the city with a greater sense of security

Hi everyone,

Wanted to share with all of you a project I was recently involved in which was built entirely with Dash. I’m pretty pleased with how the map turned out and the fact that is being used to create safer spaces for all, women in particular, in my city.

Territoria is a map that visualizes unsafe places for women that walk in the streets of Monterrey, Mexico. The map is one of the tools that the team at Georregias (NGO) uses to help women move around the city with a greater sense of security.

Territoria uses gender violence reports from Monterrey’s open data portal (https://datos.monterrey.gob.mx/) and a street survey aimed at women that walk every day through the city.

You can take a look at the map at www.georregias.com/territoria

All the code is available at github.com/EdgarGtz/territoria as well.



hi @edgargtz
Thank you for creating and sharing this app.

I tries changes the side bar values but it didn’t seem to update the map in any way. Can you clarify how to best use/read the map please.

That’s strange. The map should be updating, it does in my case. But there may well be an error with my callbacks if it’s not working for you.

The map has 4 layers:
Estaciones de metro = subway station
Reportes de violencia de género al 911 = 911 gender violence reports
Percepción de espacio inseguro de peligro = Locations with a perception of insecurity or real danger
Percepción de espacio seguro = Location with a perception of security


That’s so weird. It was because I’m using the Brave web browser. When using Microsoft Edge, the app works and the map is interactive.

This is an interesting project. Is this the final version or are you planning to develop it further based on more research?

It also wasnt working on Chrome when I tried earlier.

It works now for me on Chrome.

It’s an interesting app, I wonder what the definition of safe/unsafe space is since there are safe spaces really close to unsafe spaces.

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Thank you Adam!

There is a second version being planned with no due date at the moment, but some new features may include:

  • More data points to cover a larger part of the city.
  • Another layer with names of establishments known to be safe places for women (previously evaluated by the team)
  • A way for women to automatically upload safe/unsafe spots.
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I’ll keep testing it to figure out what may be wrong with the app, thank you for letting me know.

They were defined with an on-site survey targeted to women who walk those streets every day. The data points were pinned by women with stickers on top of a paper map.

You should also think about time of day for the reports too, because that might skew the data points as well.

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Hi, great app idea. You might want to look at a similar app for ideas/functionality Brazil / Rio de Janeiro has an app for tracking gun-related incidents. I forgot the actual name, but you might want to have a look at it.
Cheers, J.

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