TapNode to trigger is_open alert

I am using Dash cytoscape and would like users to be able to select nodes and have all the properties on each node visible in a dbc alert to pop up when the user clicks the node and otherwise be hidden.

Currently it is working if I don’t hide the alert…is there a way to get this alert working with is_open=False initially and then is_open True once the node is tapped, with the data also being shown???

Layout coding excerpt:

                    html.Div(children=dbc.Alert(id='tap-node-json-output', color='primary', dismissable=True, fade=False, is_open=False)),
more layout coding after this point...

Callback code:

@callback(Output('tap-node-json-output', 'children'), Input('cytoscape', 'tapNode')) def display_tap_node(data): if data: return json.dumps(data['data'], indent=2)

hi @happyhedgehog
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Could you please share a minimal working example that we can copy into our computer and run. That would allow us to test the code and try to help you with your question.
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