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Table filter stuck on only reading one character

I have a strange bug that I’m seeing in my app. This happens occasionally (don’t know how to reproduce).

I have a table with ~20000 rows. I click filter rows, put in a filter, and it works fine. I then delete the string I’m filtering on and start typing something else. Now something funny happens – the input box for the filtering doesn’t populate with any text, and if I look at the table rows they are clearly getting filtered on only the last character I typed.

This is an app with about 5 tables like this and as many graphs (with tabbed layout).

Thanks for reporting! Sounds like a bug related to the size of the data / performance.

@chriddyp and I figured this out. It’s not a performance issue with the table filter. The problem was that there was a callback that was returning None when selected_row_indices was empty, and that put the app in some broken state.

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