Synchronize the selection across a multi-page app based on value selected in one page

I am trying to populate the charts in one page of a multi-page app, based on the value of a cell selected in a dash ag-grid table present in another page within the same Multi-page app. Each page is a separate python file in this case.

I tried adding the value as a parameter in the URL that changes with every selection, but that doesn’t seem to work.
Would appreciate any help or suggestions on this.

I did similar thing (global filters), and simply used database to store selection dictionary for certain user. You can also use dcc.Store but it’s trickier, but it can also serve as a trigger for update.


Can you say more about what’s not working?

You might find some of these examples helpful

Example #11 shows how to use dcc.Store

Example #12 shows how to use a dcc.Link in Dash AG Grid to navigate to a new page without refreshing the page.