Saving page state when moving to other page

Hi. I have a multi-page application. On one page there is a dropdown, when selecting a value from which the grid loads on this page. I want to switch to another page with a graph, then return to the first page, which will be in the same state as it was. I found a solution with hide/show display. But maybe it can be done using dcc.Store. Has anyone encountered this? And he can share his experience. I would be grateful.Thanks for help
And is it possible to do this if the first page is already loaded by the grid when switching to it (prevent_initial_call is not set)

app.layout = dbc.Container(
        dcc.Location(id="url", refresh=False),
        dbc.Container([], id="page_content"),
def display_page(pathname):
    if pathname == "/": 
        return page_1.get_layout()
    elif pathname == "/page_2": 
        return page_2.get_layout()

def get_layout(**kwargs):
    layout = [
        dcc.Location(id='url1', refresh=False),
            dcc.Loading("here load AgGrid"),
        ], id='page-content1')

I want that when I go to another page and when I return to the first one, I get a page with the dropdown value selected earlier and with the existing grid (loaded earlier). so that the page does not return to the original state of the initial loading

Hey @alesia,

Some of the components have the persistence parameter, you could search for that.

We get this question quite often, you might search in the forum search. The short answer: there is no magic parameter which handles this for you. You might save your page “variables” into a dcc.Store() at location change and load this again when returning to the corresponding page.

An other comment: It seems, that you have a multipage- app. You could take a look into this: